Anastasia Beverly Hills Blush Kit Review

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This Blush Kit from the cult favorite brand, Anastasia Beverly Hills, was released late last year and is part of a Limited Edition Collection. Anastasia Beverly Hills is known for creating amazing brows and radiant glowy skin. Share on XWe’ll get right to my Anastasia Beverly Hills Blush Kit Review.  But first, I thought you would find this interesting.  Anastasia Beverly Hills is social media savvy, particularly on Instagram where the brand has grown tremendously. I recently read an interview given by the founder of the brand, Anastasia Soare who spoke about their social media presence and success.  When asked about working with bloggers and social media influencers and whether or not they paid them to post about their products, her response was…

“They are my friends. We don’t pay friends. We send them products, and whatever they like, they post. I never ask anybody to talk about it. I want people to be in love with what I make. Everything that I do has to be organic. You cannot fool women. You fool women once with a bad product and they will never buy again. Give them a good product and they will go crazy. Everything is organic with us. That’s the reason we are successful.”

I was not gifted this Blush Kit, but I really liked her answer.  She is 100% right about women!

Okay, now we can move on to my thoughts on the Blush Kit!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Blush Kit is available in two shades, each containing four blushes.  I purchased the Radiant Palette which is a collection of pinks & peaches.  The other Palette is Gradient, a collection of browns & taupes.  Here’s the breakdown.

Update: As of July, 2018, the Blush Kit is no longer available in the Shade Radiant.  Gradient is still available!

Radiant Blush Kit (pictured below) Includes shades:

  • Spoiled – cool pink with gold sparkle
  • Coastline – satin coral peach
  • Breeze – satin rose
  • Terrace – satin crimson peach
Anastasia Beverly Hills Blush Kit
Radiant Blush Kit From Top Left to Right: Spoiled, Coastline, Breeze & Terrace.

Gradient Blush Kit includes shades:

  • Vegas – Matte corduroy brown
  • Dusk – Satin brown taupe
  • Chocolate – Satin warm copper brown
  • Blackberry – Deep berry

These blushes are finely milled powders and highly pigmented. The colors are beautiful and a little bit goes a long way. You can use them individually or combine them for a multi-dimensional, contoured look. Share on XI love the application of these blushes.  They blend flawlessly and the color lasts all day.  The size of the palette is such that you can easily fit a makeup brush into each pan.

To contour or create a multi-dimensional look with the blush kit, Anastasia Beverly Hills recommends the following:

  1. Apply the deepest shade right above your contour and blend upward. (Radiant Kit – Terrace; Gradient – Blackberry)
  2. Take one of the medium shades on your upper cheek and sweep toward the center of your face. (Radiant Kit – Coastline; Gradient – Dusk)
  3. Finish with the brightest shade on the apple of your cheek and blend into the medium shade. (Radiant Kit – Spoiled; Gradient – Vegas)

Overall, I really love this Blush Kit.  The colors in the Kit are very wearable for everyday use and highly pigmented.  The formula is soft and blends well and doesn’t settle into fine lines.  The price of $30.00 USD is not bad considering you are getting four blushes and can also use this as a contour kit.


  • Colors are wearable
  • Can be used as a blush or for contouring
  • Size of the Kit is perfect for traveling or carrying in your purse
  • Price is good for four blushes
  • Quality is excellent with a soft, highly pigmented, blendable formula


  • This Blush Kit is a Limited Edition and won’t be here forever! Get it while you can! Update: As of July, 2018, the Blush Kit is no longer available in the Shade Radiant.  Gradient is still available!

Have you tried Anastasia Beverly Hills Blush Kit? Which shade?  What is your all time favorite blush?  As always, I’d love to hear from you!  Please leave your comments below!

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