Eye Cream Hacks. 5 Ways to Use your Eye Cream.

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Eye Cream Hacks

When it comes to your eye cream, don’t waste a single drop!  Eye creams generally have a higher concentration of active ingredients and can be beneficial to other areas of the face and body.  You can easily turn your eye cream into a multi-tasker using these five eye cream hacks.

Eye Cream Hacks

Eye Cream Hack #1 – Use Excess Eye Cream in other areas of the Face and Body.

The next time you find yourself with a bit too much eye cream on your finger, don’t wash it off.  Deliver potent anti-aging ingredients to these areas of the face and body by dabbing excess eye cream onto:

  • The Nasal labial folds
  • The ‘11’ between your eyes
  • Around the lips
  • On the lips (top with lip balm to seal in the moisture)
  • Dry or damaged cuticles
  • On the back of your hands

#2  Change the Texture of your Concealer.

Mix a small dab of eye cream with your concealer to make it creamier in texture.  This will help with a smoother application and less creasing, settling into fine lines and wrinkles or flaking.

#3 Prevent Foundation from Settling into Lines and Wrinkles.

Eye Creams are formulated to plump up fine lines and wrinkles and to hydrate the delicate skin beneath the eyes.  Well that’s exactly what fine lines, wrinkles and laugh lines on our face needs.  To prevent your Foundation from settling into pesky lines and wrinkles, simply apply a thin layer of eye cream prior to applying makeup over them.

#4 Hydrate Lips

Just like eye cream keeps the area around your eyes hydrated, it can do the same for your lips and the skin around them. Simply use any excess eye cream left on your fingers and apply it to the area above your lips. You can also apply it directly onto the lips and top it off with a lip balm to seal in the hydration!

#5 Apply to the lines on the Neck

The skin on our neck is thin and delicate, very similar to the skin around the eyes. Use eyes cream on your neck concentrating on the lines anytime you use it on your eyes. This will help to reduce the appearance of the lines on the neck and prevent new fine lines from forming.

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