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Mally Beauty Review

If you’ve seen Mally Roncal on QVC you can’t help but love her magnetic, bubbly personality.  A regular on shows like Oprah, The Today Show, The Rachel Ray Show & The View, she exudes a very positive vibe and seems like one of these people that instantly puts the people around her in a better mood.  Like a good girlfriend you’d like to hang out with.  Mally Roncal is the founder & president of Mally Beauty, a line that doesn’t seem to get a lot of attention on the blogosphere, but in my opinion, should.

Many of you may be familiar with Mally Beauty.  For those that aren’t, here’s a little bit of history about Mally Roncal & the Mally Beauty brand.

“Makeup artist Mally Roncal’s love affair with all things glam started at an early age…”

“As a young girl growing up in upstate New York, Mally began experimenting with makeup on her mother, an incredible beauty who was and continues to be her biggest inspiration. From that early age, Mally’s parents instilled in her the philosophy that the things that make us different are the qualities that make us beautiful.  A mantra that has guided Mally in her every pursuit. 

Mally has traveled the globe doing makeup for some of the most fab faces in the world, including Beyoncé Knowles, Jennifer Lopez, Mary J. Blige, Rihanna, Teri Hatcher, Celine Dion, Lee Ann Womack, Ashlee Simpson, Angelina Jolie, and Heidi Klum.  Renowned for her ability to make her clients look and feel beautiful, Mally became the go-to makeup artist for all things beauty, sharing her advice in the pages of top magazines & television shows.

Today, Mally Beauty is a collection of over 1,000 products designed to deliver what Mally calls “bulletproof” beauty. 

User-friendly, multitasking products that truly stay put all day. Created for the real woman who doesn’t have time to touch up her makeup midday.  The high-performance products are developed to offer real results and ultra-glam looks.”

Although I haven’t tried every product in the Mally Beauty line, I have tried several of them which are outlined below.  I can honestly say they are some of my favorite beauty products period!


Face Defender With Sponge

This is a genius product! This product was designed to replace the need to use powder as the finishing touch for makeup.  Powder is drying, sometimes ashy and is normally not a friend to those of us who are in the Over 40 Club!  The Poreless Face Defender is a solid, sheer, featherweight formula that eliminates shine, diffuses the look of pores and sets your makeup so that it lasts longer.  I can tell you it really works!

Application is key.  It comes with a triangle shaped japanese sponge.  The key is to tap the sponge onto the product (don’t rub it or swipe), just tap, tap, tap and then pat it onto your face.  Again, no rubbing or swiping just pat, pat, pat all over your face.  The shape of the sponge allows you to get under the eyes and around the nose & inner corners of the eyes easily.

$45.00 USD

Mally Beauty Evercolor Shadow Sticks
Mally Beauty Evercolor Shadow Sticks

Evercolor Shadow Sticks

In my opinion, this is the superstar of Mally Beauty's Line. These shadow sticks are super easy to use & absolutely fantastic. Click To TweetBasically, eye shadow in a stick, these glide on so easily.  Just swipe over your eyelid and then blend with your finger.  You really don’t even have to blend! If you can draw with a crayon, you can use these sticks!  Evercolor Shadow Sticks are smudge-proof, transfer-proof, crease-proof and literally last until you take it off.  Sheer coverage that you can layer for more intensity.  These can also be used as an eyeliner!  Available in 10 shades.  I have Evercolor Shadow Stick in Burnished Bronze, over the taupe and pink champagne.  Love them all.

Mally Beauty Lip Magnifier
Mally Beauty Lip Magnifier

Lip Magnifier

The combination of a lipstick and a lip gloss, the Lip Magnifier stick is creamy and glides on effortlessly.  Again, super easy to use.  Just line your lips with the pencil, then fill in for long lasting color.  The formula is super hydrating and leaves your lips feeling refreshed and smooth.  I bought the shade Pink Petal which is the perfect bright pink for my fair skin tone.

Ultimate Performance See The Light Concealer
Mally Beauty Ultimate Performance See The Light Concealer

Ultimate Performance See The Light Concealer

This color correcting concealer evens skin tone under the eyes, covers dark circles & spots and blends to an invisible, flawless finish.  Just dab a little under your eyes and blend towards the temple.  I use my fingers to blend but you could use a concealer brush if you prefer.  Comes in five shades, fair, light, medium, tan & rich.

There are hundreds of other products in Mally Beauty’s line & many that I want to try!!

For a superstar glow, Mally's Shimmer, Shape & Glow set was one of the first contouring sets on the market. Mally was contouring before contouring was cool! Click To Tweet

Shimmer, Shape & Glow is available in two shades, Lighter and Deeper.

Other bestsellers in Mally Beauty’s line include the High Shine Liquid Lipstick Pens,  More Is More Mascara, Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliners & the Perfect Lash Defining Mascara.

High Shine Liquid Lipstick Pens are available in 33 shades!  A 4 in 1 product, this lip pen is said to be a primer, lipstick, lip gloss and lip pencil all in one.

More is More Mascara has a special brush and is said to grip lashes and smooth mascara out to the very tips for exceptional length and definition.

Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliners are said to glide on easily, set up beautifully, and last all day. The award winning formula is transfer-proof, crease-proof, and best of all, waterproof!  Mally calls these pencils her best kept secret for high-performance and beautiful eyeliner looks that will take your eyes to the next level.  Available in 25 shades!

Mally’s Perfect Lash Defining Mascara is a unique formula that separates each lash, leaving you with a naturally defined look that takes you from day to night. The specially designed brush targets even the tiniest lashes, so eyes look wide-eyed and polished!

Have you tried Mally Beauty?  Have some favorites from her line?  Let me know in the comments below!  As always, I’d love to hear from you!

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