Say Yes to Hand Soap Review

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Yes to Hand Soap Review

I LOVE the Yes to products ?  I can honestly say I have been pleased with everything I have purchased from the Yes to line.  SO I was especially excited to see the new Yes to Hand Soaps on the drugstore shelves.  I quickly grabbed a couple and couldn’t wait to try them!  As usual with the Yes to line, they are fabulous and I could hardly wait to get to this Yes to Hand Soap Review and include them as a $10 Tuesday Best Drugstore Find!

So Many Choices, Which One should I choose?…

There are seven different varieties of the hand soaps. I’ve purchased three of them and have no doubt the remaining four are just as good.  Each variety serves a different purpose (see more in the list of varieties below).  This is especially relevant when deciding which one(s) you are going to purchase.

I’ve used the Marula Oil & Mango and Primrose Oil & Coriander (pictured below) and the Argan Oil & Fig.  All three left my hands feeling soft and moisturized and they smell AMAZING!  An added bonus is the pretty bottles which look fabulous sitting beside your bathroom sink!

Yes to Hand Soap Review
Yes to Marula Oil Mango & Yes to PrimRose Oil Coriander Liquid Hand Soaps!

Here are the seven varieties (and their purpose) of the Yes to Liquid Hand Soaps.

Coconut Lemongrass (Ultra Moisture)

Grapefruit Basil (Hand Renewal)

Cucumber Eucalyptus (Sensitive Skin)

Blueberry Shea (Softening)

Marula Oil & Mango (Age Defy & Protect)

Primrose Oil & Coriander (Calm & Soothe)

Argan Oil & Fig (Brighten & Condition)

Note to Yes to ….

Can we get Body Lotions & Hand Creams to match all of these hand soaps?  Maybe even a Body Spray! ?

I hope you’ll let me know what you think after trying the Yes to Hand Soap(s).  I suspect you’ll love them as much as I do!


Shop the Post:

Yes to Coconut Lemongrass Liquid Hand Soap

Yes to Grapefruit Basil Liquid Hand Soap

Yes to Cucumber Eucalyptus Liquid Hand Soap

Yes to Blueberry Shea Liquid Hand Soap

The following are not available for purchase online yet but you can find them at Wal-Mart, Target or Walgreens.

Yes to Marula Oil & Mango Liquid Hand Soap 

Yes to Primrose Oil & Coriander Liquid Hand Soap

Yes to Argan Oil & Fig Liquid Hand Soap


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