Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream Review

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Bum Bum Cream Review

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve likely heard the hype surrounding the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream from Sol de Janeiro.  It has risen to cult favorite status and fans of the cream are literally obsessed with it.  I may as well go ahead and confess… I’m one of them.  One application of this dream cream and I was hooked.  I thought it was about time to write a Bum Bum Cream Review for those of you who have asked… What is Bum Bum Cream and WHAT is all the fuss about?


In Brazil, the bum bum (pronounced boom boom) is a nation-wide obsession.  It’s ALL about the booty, which is why Brazil has the smallest bikinis and best-fitting jeans.  According to Sol de Janeiro, beautiful Brazilian bottoms have a secret – a cream, created with caffeine-rich Guarana.

Enter Bum Bum Cream…

Brazilian Bum Bum Cream is an all over body cream inspired by the Brazilians’ favorite feature – the bum bum.  The company claims one jar is all it takes to fall in love and promises that this cream “will create an all-over gorgeous glow, significantly smooth skin’s texture and tighten the skin with each use.”

Fun Fact:  In September, 2018, Sol de Janeiro released a super-sized, 16.9-ounce version of the cult favorite cream (usually 8.1 ounces).  The $75 limited-edition cream was released as part of a holiday collection.  It came with a surfboard-shaped spatula to scrape up every last drop of cream from the jar.  Despite its hefty price, the cream sold out in less than two hours, & quickly racked up a waiting list!

Bum Bum Cream Review
Sol de Janeiro promises Bum Bum Cream will create an all-over gorgeous glow, significantly smooth skin’s texture and tighten the skin with each use.


The ingredients in Bum Bum Cream sound as if you could bake a cake with them.  They also provide seriously good benefits for the skin.  Not to mention the unique and addictive fragrance (more on that to come!) The key ingredients are…

  • Guaraná  Found in the Amazon, it has five times the caffeine of coffee, which may help stimulate circulation, boost energy, and smooth the skin.
  • Cupuaçu Butter  The Amazon’s answer to Shea Butter, Cupuaçu Butter is chock full of fatty-acids, Phytosterols, and Polyphenols to lock in moisture and restore skin’s elasticity.
  • Coconut Oil  This ingredient is all the rage now, but Brazilians have been enjoying their ample supply for centuries.  Ultra-nourishing and healing, Coconut Oil melts quickly into skin to soften, condition and moisturize.
  • Brazil Nut  This nut grows along the banks of the Amazon, Negro and Tapejós Rivers, and contains a higher concentration of selenium than any other food in the world.  Valued for its ability to strengthen the immune system, Brazil Nut helps support and maintain skin’s health and vitality.
  • Guayusa  This native Amazonian leaf is naturally packed with caffeine and antioxidants. The leaf contains a distinctly synergistic blend of vitamins, minerals, and 15 essential amino acids.

Brazilian Bum Bum Cream is cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, paraben-free, free of artificial colorant, 5-free, 3-free, phthalate-free, paraben-free, no PEGs, talc-free, sulfate-free and mineral oil-free.


Can we just take a moment to recognize the fun packaging of Bum Bum Cream?  The cream comes in a bright yellow tub that just screams summertime.  Combine that with the name Bum Bum Cream and you’ve got a recipe for drawing the customer in with them wanting to know more.  Brilliant!

The texture of Bum Bum Cream is creamy, smooth and quickly absorbed when applied to the skin.  Sol de Janeiro recommends massaging it in with circular motions to create warmth.  It can be applied all over the body concentrating on areas that need “tightening” such as the legs, tummy, arms and of course… the bum bum!

Bum Bum Cream Review
Brazilian Crush Fragrance Mist is the perfect compliment to Bum Bum Cream and will leave you smelling like a Brazilian goddess!


The scent of Bum Bum Cream is described by Sol de Janeiro as a Pistachio and Salted Caramel fragrance.  Named Cheirosa ’62, the fragrance is one of a kind.  It smells like summer and makes you feel like you’re on vacation.  The company promises tons of compliments when you wear Bum Bum Cream and I can attest to that.  There has not been a time when I’ve worn this cream that someone hasn’t commented how good it smells.  People often ask me “what perfume are you wearing?“.  This is followed by more conversation when I tell them “it’s Bum Bum Cream!“.


You can probably tell by now that I am totally and completely addicted to Bum Bum Cream.  I love everything about it from the texture and application of the cream to the intoxicating scent.  I find the cream smooths the skin and keeps it moisturized and supple.

Is it going to eliminate cellulite?  NO.  Only a healthy diet and exercise will do that.

But it does help to maintain firmness of the skin and make it appear more supple.  It gives a subtle glow to the skin as well making it appear healthy and radiant.  This is really all we can expect from a cream and Bum Bum Cream delivers.

The Cheirosa ’62 fragrance of Bum Bum Cream is unique and it’s potent.  The scent lingers long after you apply the cream and if you follow with the complimentary Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mist, you’ll smell like a Brazilian goddess all day long.  I have found that women either totally fall in love with the scent, like I did… OR… they don’t care for it at all.  Women who love it become totally addicted to it and we never want to be without our beloved Bum Bum Cream!

Fun Fact:  Bum Bum Cream gets amazing, glowing reviews.  Over 6700 women have given it 5 stars on Sol de Janeiro’s website and over 4000 women have given it 4 1/2 stars on Sephora!  160,000 have “hearted” it (meaning they love it) on Sephora.

Overall, I highly recommend Bum Bum Cream as well as several other products that I’ve tried from Sol de Janeiro.  Sol de Janeiro Body Mist & Glow Motions Glow Body Oil are both fantastic. (I’ll include all of my Favs in the Shop the Post section below) Every product that I’ve tried from this brand has been a solid home run.

Can I just get Bum Bum everything please?….


$48.00 USD for standard 8.1 oz. tub
$22.00 USD for mini 2.5 oz. tub

TIP:  Look for gift sets from Sol de Janeiro which usually contain several of their products.  It’s a great way to try the brand at an affordable price!  I’ll link a few Below!

Have you tried Brazilian Bum Bum Cream or anything from Sol de Janeiro?  As always, I’d love to hear from you.  Please leave a comment below!

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  1. Susie,

    I’m with Shelley, I have never heard of this cream but then again I have no booty!
    I am sure this is a wonderful cream but not in my 60 plus years have I slathered cream on my booty!
    Maybe I should try it!


  2. It’s the first time I’m hearing of this and it’s surprising to know that there’s a cream for the bum bum. Except there are severe side effects, I’d use the cream for my whole body or not use it at all. Quite an interesting read.

  3. You definitely have me intrigued here, Susie! In my younger years, I pretty much slapped on whatever lotion or cream was cheapest and most readily available, but I’m finding my skin isn’t as forgiving as back in those days. So now I’m trying to pay as much attention to the skin on my body as I’ve paid to the skin on my face. I really want to try this (and I’m dying of curiosity to see what the smell is like)!

    • So true. As we age, we need to show our skin a bit more love & really pay attention to ingredients! Bum Bum Cream smells SO good. I’m obsessed! Thank you for stopping by & reading!💕💕

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