I saved $170 with this IKEA Alex 9 Drawer Dupe

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They’re all over Instagram and every Beauty Blogger has one! The IKEA Alex 9 Drawer Unit has become a popular choice for Makeup storage and organization.  The slick-looking white drawer unit from IKEA retails for $159.00 USD.  After my recent move from Tennessee to South Carolina, I decided I needed some additional storage for my makeup and I was about to order one of these from IKEA.  Unfortunately, if you aren’t lucky enough to have an IKEA store in your area, they charge a shipping/delivery fee.  The IKEA Alex 9 Drawer unit is considered a large item so delivery can range anywhere from $39.00 (minimum) on up to $199.00.  Mine was going to be an additional $199.00 for shipping, bringing the total to $358.00 plus tax (another $25 or so).  That was a bit more than I wanted to spend so I decided to look around for something for something else, perhaps I could find an IKEA Alex 9 Drawer Dupe!

I was actually shopping for home decor for our new home when I stumbled upon the 5 Drawer Winsome Halifax Cabinet at AmazonIt looked very similar to the IKEA Alex 9 Drawer Unit but only had 5 drawers and was on wheels.

My mind was racing wondering if this could be the perfect IKEA Alex 9 Drawer Dupe!

I quickly asked my husband if he could remove the wheels and if he thought I could stack two of them on top of each other.  He said yes so I took a chance and ordered them.  The 5 Drawer Winsome Halifax Cabinet at Amazon is $90.99 with free shipping!  The total for two of them was $181.98 (including tax), a savings of over $170.00.

IKEA Alex 9 Drawer Dupe
2 of the 5 Drawer Winsome Halifax Cabinets from Amazon stacked on top of each other. Hubby removed the wheels! It is a near perfect DUPE for the IKEA Alex 9 Drawer Unit!

When the shipment from Amazon arrived, my husband assembled them for me.  It was quite time-consuming because the units come in multiple pieces that have to be put together.  Thank goodness I have a handy hubby who had it put together in no time!  He also removed the wheels so that I could stack the units on top of each other.  You can see in the photo above, it turns out really nice and is almost identical to the IKEA Alex 9 Drawer Unit.

The only noticeable difference I see between the two is that the bottom 4 drawers of the IKEA Alex are a little bit larger.  I’m very pleased with the 5 Drawer Winsome Halifax Cabinet from Amazon and it’s been a blast getting my makeup organized!  Not to mention how much easier it is to find things when everything is organized in its own drawer.

IKEA Alex Dupe
The drawers are spacious with plenty of room for all of my makeup!

IKEA Alex 9 Drawer Dupe

The drawers are quite roomy and I’ve organized them by assigning one drawer to each category of makeup.

For example, one drawer for foundations, one drawer for blushes, one drawer for highlighters, and so on… I’ve actually got 2 empty drawers leftover which means one thing… Room for MORE makeup! YAY!!  To organize the drawers, I picked up some simple drawer organizers from Amazon.  This 4 piece set of Makeup Drawer Dividerhas four versatile bins with clean simple lines and can be mixed and matched.

Now I just need another set of these to organize my skincare!  I’ve listed some additional affordable options to the IKEA Alex 9 Drawer Unit at the bottom of this post!

What do you use to organize and store your makeup?  Let me know in the comments below.  As always, I’d love to hear from you!

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IKEA Alex 9 Drawer Dupe
5 Drawer Winsome Halifax Cabinet from Amazon $90.99 plus FREE Shipping!


IKEA Alex 9 Drawer Dupe
7 Drawer Winsome Halifax Cabinet from Amazon $105.10 plus Free Shipping
Devaise 7 Drawer Cabinet $109.99 plus Free Shipping
MineSign 4 Pcs Desk Drawer Organizer Plastic Makeup Drawer Dividers

If you are set on the IKEA Alex 9 Drawer Unit, you can purchase it at Amazon for $287.00 with Free Shipping which is actually less than purchasing from IKEA in most cases.

IKEA Alex 9 Drawer Unit $287.00 plus Free Shipping.

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  1. How is the weight holding up with them being stacked? I already have 1 drawer but I wasn’t sure if it could handle the weight if I stack another on top.

    • I’ve been using mine stacked for over a year now and haven’t had any problems at all. Love them so much I’m getting another set for Mother’s Day!💕💕

    • Oh I wish we had an IKEA here! I’m on Year 2 with my makeup drawer dupe and it’s working out perfectly! Good luck with your closet/makeup area makeover! Would love to see pics!💕💕

  2. I want an Ikea Alex 9 drawer unit too, but the price is too much for me at $288 delivered. I saw these Halifax units earlier but they were too small. Two of them might work for me. Do you know how they were attached?

    • Hi Kevin. I just took the wheels off and stacked one on top of the other, not attached. If you are leaving it in one place, it should be fine. I’ve been using mine for 2 years and they don’t move around at all.💕💕

  3. Susie, thanks for your reply. I plan to put wheels on my cabinet, I’m going to need to move it. I’ll keep looking though, thanks! 🙂

  4. Hi! Thank you for this! I have 3 5 drawer Alex’s and shipping was $10 each. I was going to get a 9 drawer one but now shipping is $199. I’m no where near an IKEA. No way am I paying $200 for shipping. I store polish in my Alex’s. Do polishes like OPI fit in the dupes drawers?

    • Right? The shipping is outrageous! Costs more than the actual product does.🙄 I do not currently have an OPI bottle but my Essie bottles do fit in the drawers. The inside height of the drawer is 2.6 in. Hope this helps!

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