Real Techniques Makeup Brushes Review

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best drugstore makeup brushes
We found the best drugstore makeup brushes - It's $10 Tuesday!

Drugstore Beauty – Makeup Brushes:

Real Techniques Makeup Brushes by Sam & Nic

Are they The Best Drugstore Makeup Brushes?

They say that a good makeup brush is the key to great looking makeup and that is the truth.  Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune to find a good makeup brush! I recently tested multiple drugstore brands including EcoTools, Wet n Wild, Elf Cosmetics, Real Techniques and Moda in an effort to determine which brushes were the best from the drugstore.

I tested all categories including Powder Brushes, Blush Brushes, Brushes for the Eyes and Foundation Brushes.  My testing took into consideration the following features which I look for in a good makeup brush:

  • Overall quality of the brush and handle.
  • Bristles do not shed.
  • Brush maintains it’s shape after washing.
  • Ease of application & blendability of the product being applied with the brush.
  • Price Range – under $15.00

With the exception of a couple of categories, the results were overwhelmingly in favor of the makeup brushes from Real Techniques by Sam & Nic.

The Real Techniques Makeup Brush collection includes a multitude of single brushes ranging from Powder & Concealer Brushes, Brushes for the Eyes & Lips and Finish Brushes like the Blush Brush and the Stippling Brush (a favorite of mine).  They also have Makeup Brush Kits.  I own several of the single brushes including three of my favorites which are pictured below.

Best Drugstore Makeup Brushes
From Left to Right Powder Brush, Expert Face Brush, Contour Brush (From the Core Collection).

One thing I really like about the Real Techniques makeup brushes is that the bottom of the brush is flat so that you can stand them up on your vanity or bathroom counter.  Another really cool thing about this brand is that they offer “How To” videos on the company’s website showing you exactly how to use the brushes.  They also provide great information on caring for and cleaning the brushes.  Many of the brushes have won awards including Allure Best of Beauty for the Blush Brush and XPOSE’ Beauty Awards for their Bold Metals Collection.






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